“My photo tour with Bangkok Soul was the highlight of my recent visit.  In just a few hours I saw more, experienced more, learned more, and shot more (with good results!) than I could have by myself, even if I had spent several days trying. I returned home with a great set of images that capture the experience.  Alejandra’s professional, well-informed, personalized and comfortable approach was productive, interesting, memorable and fun.”

John Shore, Washington D.C.


“A truly unforgettable photographic tour in the very heart of Bangkok! Alejandra knows places and attractions you have never seen before; her attention to detail combined with her passion for people and photography will make this day unique!”

Ane-Claude Toral, Geneva

Photography Tour for Anne-Claude & Ainara

“Alejandra, I am so glad to have met you and thank you for being so accommodating to the kids. I don’t think they would have lasted long at the tour if it is not for your way of telling the stories and listening to them. Thank you so much!”

Franciska Wihardja, Singapore

Photography Tour with Kids


“Going to Ayutthaya was one of the best days I have had since I moved to Bangkok. Not only did I learn how to better use my Canon G12, I gained further knowledge about Siam’s culture. Some of the photos I took are my favorites of all time and they will always remind me of the time I lived in Thailand.  Alejandra’s laid back, empathetic, and accommodating nature made the day so much better than if I had decided to go on my own. I loved that everything was planned for me, but she was still happy for us to break plans so I could have my first elephant ride!  Her linguistic background was most impressive.  She could give directions and purchase tickets in Thai, ask Spanish tourists to take our group shots, and hang out with us American girls as if English were her native language…. Profoundly impressive!”

Jamie Matus, New York

Amazing Tour to Bangkok and Ayutthaya

“As a (very) amateur photographer, I was a little daunted by the prospect of a photography tour in an important historic location like Ayutthaya. But thanks to Alejandra’s curation and customization of the experience, I was able to experience photography – and Thailand’s ancient capital – on several levels. I got great shots that will become cherished keepsakes of my time in Asia. I learned how to think like a photographer. I learned about Thai culture and Buddhist customs. I experienced the spiritual stillness of a holy, majestic place where footsteps walked hundreds of years ago.  And, I ate great food, shopped and made a new friend! One of the photos Alejandra took of me that day prompted a former co-worker to write, “You are living the dream life!” I couldn’t agree more. Bangkok Soul delivers. Don’t miss this amazing experience.

Ellen Meadows, Missouri


“Thank you Ale, for a wonderful, educational, intriguing experience. I thoroughly enjoyed our day together. You have shown me how to better see the world through the eyes of my lense! Forever experimenting”

Emma Gomez, Sydney

Bangkok Soul Tour for Emma and Mark

“Our tour to Ayuthaya and Bangkok would have not been the same without Alejandra. She makes you feel you have been living in Thailand rather than being just a tourist and you get an insight in the culture and way of living of ancient and current Thais that would have not been possible otherwise. The passion with which she takes her pictures and shows you the best spots to take them have made our trip unforgettable. I have now the best photos ¡Gracias Alejandra!”

 Eduardo Angulo, Istanbul & Madrid

“For my last birthday my parents gave me a Bangkok Soul gift voucher to enjoy it while visiting Thailand. It was simply superb! I did enjoy all the spots that Alejandra took me to. She was not only a great guide but also a lovely person to spend the day with. And the pictures… They were amazing!! Thank you so much for this wonderful experience!”

Carlota Mateos, Madrid


“Todo fue muy interesante, pero lo mejor Alejandra, la guía que tuvimos en Bangkok, simpática, entretenida, española, explica todo muy bien…valdría la pena ir a Bangkok y tenerla una semana de guía. ”

Fortunato Levy, Barcelona

“Alejandra, I am very grateful for the experience about our tour in Bangkok and how I felt about the Thai culture you shared with us. The enthusiasm you transmit on tasting the food and talking with the people. Fantastic and incredible day finishing with the massage in the most incredible and beautiful spa place I have ever seen, Thanks a lot for making so special the time we have been in this incredible place”

Belen Recuero, Madrid

Special Tour to Bangkok and Ayutthaya 

“Mi visita al museo de Bangkok, fue un “paseo por las nubes”, así es como me sentí, es una delicia oírte … Según ibas hablando las historias se iban transformando en un cuento maravilloso, donde poco a poco me fui introduciendo, y en algún momento pensé que yo era uno de sus personajes!! Me encantó!!!”

Lourdes Palomar, Madrid


“It was one of the most interesting museum tours we have ever been on! We have learned a lot about Thai culture and history in a fun and very enjoyable way. Usually on these kind of tours we experience a few dull moments; with Alejandra it was different! Her presentation of information is amazing, leaving you wanting more and encouraged to ask questions. In our next visit to Bangkok we are definitely planning on booking all our tours with Alejandra!”

Oksana Brovkova & Royi Razi, Israel


Bangkok Soul Tour to the National Museum

“He tenido la suerte de viajar a lo largo y ancho del mundo y nunca me había encontrado con una guía como Alejandra; alguien que no te cuenta lo que estás viendo sino que te hace vivirlo, que te transporta siglos atrás y te imbuye del espíritu de épocas pasadas”

Belen Ramirez, Málaga


“Había estado anteriormente en Bangkok y no conseguí ver la ciudad y sus gentes de esa manera tan especial con la que me hizo apreciarla Alejandra tras el espectacular tour que nos ofreció”

Miguel Montañez, Málaga

Bangkok Soul Tour for Miguel and Belen