Thailand a Top Holiday Destination – 8 Main Reasons

Posted on January 11, 2013 in BLOG

1. Its People – Thai service is Worldwide recognized as one of the top. The Thais highly care about the service. Your satisfaction is their satisfaction. They will always have a smile for you, listen to your needs and make whatever possible to make them true. Their easygoing character, combined with their willingness to laugh and have fun, makes them charming and very attractive.
2. Its Weather – There are very few places in the World were the temperature will always be above 20ºC…
3. Its Food – The Thais, as some other cultures, appreciate food beyond a basic need. They consider it is one of the best ways for socializing and making important agreements. The food does not only nourish your body but also your soul! Taste & Look are equally important!.
4. Its Culture – Proud of being the only other country, apart from Japan, that has never been colonized in Asia. They are authentic and have been able to keep their traditions.
5. Its Embracing Character – They are very welcoming to the point that they celebrate other cultures festivities. Bangkok is to be said one of the cities in Asia where foreigners/ expats feel happier.
6. Its Landscapes & Nature – Being a medium size country, it is incredible to observe how diverse landscapes you can admire just 1 or 2 hour flight from each other. From the relaxing and beautiful Southern beaches, to the wild forest in the North and cosmopolitan cities like Bangkok. Come and swim in the pristine waters, dinner at a 30th floor admiring the skyline of Bangkok, ride on an Elephant and hike on the hills of the north!
7. Its Security – Thailand is a very safe country, which makes it so nice and comfortable. You will be able to walk everywhere and talk to anyone.
8. Come and join us in a Bangkok Soul Private Tour and you will discover the 8th reason, the lucky number in Asia!