For the past 14 years I have spent my career in the corporate world, in a variety of American and British multinationals, developing my expertise in Human Resources senior roles. I have always had a particular passion for photography. While living in London, I took several photography courses at the London School of Photography and later in Bangkok. For many years, I could only spend proper quality time photographing when I had a holiday here and there. It took time, great doses of courage and hundreds of hours of training, shooting, reading and sharing to make it happen! It was not easy, but it was fun, it still is fun for every second, every minute.

My other great passion is travelling. Thailand is the eighth country in which I have lived. Living in Bangkok, a city that I have fallen in love with, has made my dream of becoming a professional photographer a reality. I provide travellers and tourists alike with unique and exclusive photography opportunities through the heart of Bangkok. I want to make the experiences as rich as possible.

I believe the best shoots are the ones taken when you know the story behind your subject and my aim will be to also provide you with all that fascinating information. That is why I have extensively studied Thai language and certified as National Museum Volunteer Guide. These are both great assets, together with photography techniques and authentic spots, to make your journey to the city of the Angels inspiring and memorable.

Bangkok Photography Tours, Alejandra - Your Guide

Photo by John Shore